Hello beloved,


  ..WARNING!!! This is not any MLM Networking Business . Just say YOU Know.

It is a Tele-Communication Business with Affiliate marketing opportunity.

Our Products & Services are based on 7 Categories.

1) TELE – Communication Retailers & Resellers Trading Account Setup.
2] Tele-Communication Dealership Business Setup.
3] Digital Advertisement / Mobile Marketing Products & Services.
4] Importation & Ecommerce Business & Membership Students. 
5) Digital E-Currency Trading / & Investment.
6 ) Website / Application Development
7 ) Internet Marketing  & Blogging.

We don’t believe on MLM Networking :

It is a Tele-Communication Business with Affiliate marketing opportunity.

The Tele-Communications industry is one of the most lucrative markets in any country, and businesses within this market record huge sales all year round regardless of economic conditions.

This is because communication & Accessing the internet is an everyday necessity—something we all depend heavily on.

So! What are you waiting for?

Join Us Today: Let’s together Trade Under One Big Family of #OnePeace & #OneLove.

 There are 3 ways to go about the Tele-Communication Trading Business
Niche : as Follows:

a] Either You become a Retailer


b] You become a Reseller

c] A Tele-Communication Dealer Business Owner.

i will go more deep to explain, for you to understand the more.

1] A Retailer Tele-Com Trading Account  :

Tele-Communication Trading Industry Made Easy For Us : with Just ₦2,000 token One time in Life Membership Registration Fee + Fastest Instant Delivery .

To Become A User/Retailer : =>Firstly, you need to Register An Account On the: “Tele-Communication Trading STORE for all Nigerians.

After You have successfully Registered & Login In… to Buy/Trade [ Browsing Data Bundle| Recharge Card Airtime | Bill Payments < DSTv, Gotv,Startime> |  Electricity/Prepaid + WAEC, NECO Examination Recharge Card | Gift Card + Bitcoins  etc.
Buy At Cheap/Discount Price For Yourself:
OR Trade with Us!:
You Buy @ Cheap Price & Resell to Others; Cheaper than what their Banks and Market are selling to them.To make Daily Passive Income without STOP.
| After Registering and Login In | Click on “My Dashboard” | then Click On :

“Fund Wallet”

 < And proceed to FUND Your wallet as to Activate your Tele-Com Trading Account: with any amount: of your choice from ₦2,000
: then after which you fund your Trading wallet Account.
No minimum and No maximum. from ₦100 can be funded .to start Trading .& Keep earning passive income Without STOP.
 You can choose to Pay with your your ATM card , or better still make transfer to any of the account found on the “Fund Wallet” page.”
Or to avoid network wahala, Transfer into any of the Bank Accounts found on the: “Fund Wallet” Page.
and send easy notification after payment and your wallet will be auto-credited with 2 Minutes.
<NOTE: “Each Retailer Agent You also Recruit on the: “Tele-Communication Trading STORE #2,000 ; Earns You instant  [ 50% ]₦1, 00 Passive Income Cash; as long as the person Register with ( Your own Registered Phone No ) as his or her ( Referral Phone No) At the Registration Form On the STORE | and Proceed to Fund his/her wallet.. And Start Trading With Instant Delivery…

2] Then On Reseller Membership..  The only different between A Retailer and A Reseller is that Resellers Buys @ More cheaper rate than the Retailer.. To make more profit.. Reseller Membership Fee is #5000 One time Payment.. While Retailer is #2,000 One time Membership Payment .

Putting Someone on Reseller Plan earns You #2,500 [ 50% ] while the company goes with #2,500 [ 50%]


We don’t only Setup Telecom & Digital Marketing Business For YOU… *We also Hand YOU over all Working Tools you need:*

( *A Done 4 YOU Flyers/Banner | Your Attractive Complimentary Card | Templates | ID Card | Digital Marketing Promotional Website | HOT BulkSMS & Website Development* ( *Well Categorizes Proposal Letters for Churches, Schools, Business/Companies, Organization & Political Sectors + Marketing Tips* .

*All @ Total FREE COST*

SO. They company take care of your ( Flyers , Templates, Complimentary Card )

+ Offer Hot Bulk SMS & Website Development Irresistible proposal letters to the Resellers @ total free cost.

This proposal letters are categorized to all sectors of clients ( Churches, Schools, Business, Organization & Political parties )

+… We Setup Digital Marketing Promotional Website for each of the Resellers Worth #45,000 @ Total Free Cost.

We are There For You, to Support, Guild & Lead YOU.. *Almost 24hrs To Ensure YOU get the Result you desire .*

*Funding Account / Money Management with all Honesty…*
..to ensure no one loose his/her 1kobo on our desk.

*In Peace we Operate*
*So !!!* 🚕🚕.

*Buy/ Trade* :
👉 Data Browsing Bundle With Us .

👉 Airtime of all Network |


👉 Buy/Sale BITCOIN |

👉 Examination Pin ( Waec, Neco & Jamb ) |

👉 Buy Nigerian GSM Databases Phone Numbers < For Your SMS Marketing  ( Well Stored State by State, LGA, Locations + each phone Number has it with the person Full Name & Sex gender ( for YOU & Your Client effective SMS Marketing )

👉 | Bulk SMS Services |

👉 Buy Nigerian & International Email Address Databases ( for YOU & your Client effective email Marketing |

👉 Website & App Development |

👉 Sale of Gift Card |

👉 Toll Free & Non Toll Line Setup |

👉 GSM Short Code Setup |

👉 Caller tune Setup

👉 Social Media Marketing

👉 + Motivational & Business eBooks.

👍👍 *Buy at Cheap Price & Resell 2 Others. Use dis STORE* =>

+ USE *Your Own Digital Marketing DONE FOR YOU Promotion Website* ( *When you Register & Activate as a Reseller Agent* )*+ Earn Instant #1, 000 On Each Retailer OR #2,500 On Each Reseller Agent Agent you Recruit On the STORE .*
=> www.RechargeMobileStore.Com

*OR #40,000 On Each Dealership Company Business Setup Owner You Recruits*

After funding your wallet account on the STORE there ..

For  “eg” You want to Buy Airtime & earn 4% discount income in each Airtime Top Up you did in any of the Nigeria Networks

( MTN, AIRTEL, GLO & OR 9Mobile )


You want to start Reselling Data-Bundle to others and earn good profit income on each Data Bundle you purchase ,in any of the Nigeria Networks

( MTN, AIRTEL, GLO & OR 9mobile.. )
then simply Login on your  Dashboard & Locate
Click on :
Buy Airtime
Buy Data Bundle
| OR Pay Bill ETC…

on the Store there , depending on what you want. 

==> Let’s say for example, you want to buy ( Airtime )

YOU Click on ” Buy Airtime” Selet Network | Put the Amount of Airtime

you want | Its Network ( MTN, GLO, AIRTEL OR ETISALATE )
and click proceed under it & instantly your phone will be TOP UP while
you keep earning your  discount income without STOP.

OR Click on

Data Bundle & follow the same process , if is Data Bundle you want..

Unlimited benefits awaits YOU.

System 100% Secured ! TESTED !! TRUSTED & Verified By Thousands of Others Out There.

The System Is Very Simple To Operate By Any Body, Including A Day Old Baby.

==> Click HERE To REGISTER ON THE Tele-Com Trading STORE at =>www.RechargeMobileStore.Com  If You Have Not done So…

| Yes !!!  Click Here TO Register For Your Tele-Communication Retailer Trading Account: ON the Trading STORE at 

=> www.RechargeMobileStore.Com

Alright, Let’s talk About the No3.


Tele-Communication Dealership Business Setup.


Like, What!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Unbelievable but is TRUE… 

For Your: Tele-Communication Dealer Business Online Two STORES Setups.

Through Owning Your Own Telecommunication Dealer Licensed Business Online
*that is ever ready to spits cash for you round the clock.*
. “Using the hidden strategies of “One Catapult to catch many flying Birds
in Tele-Com Business Industry.

Even If You’re Starting From Scratch, Have No Computer Experience, Have
Nobody In Government, Your Surname Isn’t Dangote.

Becoming an Authorized NCC Dealership Tele-Com Business Owner you will
permanently break out of the annoying and restrictive “norm” of making the
Kudi [ money ] in Nigeria…..regardless of the economy…

*As Millions* of people will literally line up, Register Account on your
Tele-com store| Log-in | Pay You Membership & Activation Fee of your
chosen Choice and “BEG” to Trade with You/ Buy what you’re selling.

What if you never have to worry about making money ever again?

Create SURE Daily Passive Income By OWNING Your Own Telecommunication Dealer Business Online two STORES. that is ever ready to spits cash for you round the clock.

Full Dealership Setup Cost: #150,000 current discount NCC price
..+ #50,000 VAS Provider Code Registration/Backup & Management fee.

All Total Fee = #200,000

*Up to 3 Installment Payment Plan Allowed On it ..

Before the end OF: NCC* ( *Nigeria Communication Commission* ) ongoing Promo OFFER ends & they return back to their previous 850k- 1.5Million Cost price.

*As Nigeria Govt has no one interest on the mind*

*Use this HOT OFFER to become A TeleCom & Digital Marketing Dealer Company
Business Owner* .

*You Can Either Make a Full One Time Payment of ₦200,000*
*into our: Company Account*
& Get all Delivered to You within 7-10 Working Days.
& *You Launch Your Company*

*OR If YOU cant Afford ₦200, 000 @ ago…
*But YOU are Highly Interested to Suck the Wealth in This Tele-,Com

*Here is What to do right Now:*

*Use The Plan Below To Reduce Installment :**

*#1. Installment Payment.*

Paying ₦150,000 First and balance ₦50,000 when Your: Tele-communication
Dealer Business Online two STORES Setup goes live .
Note: Everything A-Z will be Fully completed via the TWO STORES setup
before You balance up ₦50,00 & Get your CEO Administrator Login Detail and
proceed to Pray Over your Company & Launch Out.

*Plan #2 : Installment Payment :*
( *Pay as We Go Process* )

First Pay ₦80,000 +.₦70,000 =

and balance ₦50,000 when Your: Tele-communication Dealer Business Online
two STORES Setup goes live .
Note: Everything A-Z will be Fully completed via the TWO STORES setup
before You balance up ₦50,000

& Get your CEO Administrator Login Detail and proceed to Pray Over your
Company & Launch it out.

*Plan #3 Installment Payment .*
( *Pay As We Go Process )*

Pay ₦50,000 + ₦50,000 +₦ 50,000
= ₦150,000
and balance ₦50,000 when Your: Tele-communication Dealer Business Online
two STORES Setup goes live .
Note: Everything A-Z will be Fully completed via the TWO STORES setup
before You balance up ₦50,000

& Get your CEO Administrator Login Detail and proceed to Pray Over your
Company & Launch it out **

*As Millions* of people will literally line up, Register Account on your
Tele-com store| Log-in | Pay You Membership & Activation Fee of your
chosen Choice and “BEG” to Trade with You/ Buy what you’re selling.

*PICK UP your Phone Now: And Text Us a Reservation Slot Message As
Follows* :*

( *Reserve My TELE-COM Dealer Business Space + Your Full Name, +Your phone
number + Your Best E-mail Address + The Installment Payment Plan you are
going For ( either the Full @ once payment, or plan 1 installment, or Plan
2 Installment , or Plan 3 Installment ) + The Date You Are Placing Your
Payment + & Your Location” to 08032439765*
*For More Full Details On Becoming A Tele-Com & Digital Marketing Dealer
Biz Owner..*

Kindly Visit => 👇👇

LIVE practical Sample of Income Revenue as A Tele-Com Dealer*

The Joy Of Dealership…

Pick Your Calculator Friend, Let’s do a little Math’s on this business empire am about to hand over to you Here and Now.:

Are You With Me? yes don’t go yet… Stay with me pls…

Now: After Setting Up/Launching your New Shinning Tele-Communication Dealer
Business Online “two Stores” ..
Like What We have on Our Trading STORE at =>
On our Second STORE => www.FirstClassBulkSMS.Com

Using STORE #1* => www.RechargeMobileStore.Com
*As Example:*

Each Retailer Users are Paying YOU A Retailer Membership Fee: of at least
₦1000 -to- ₦10,000 .
On my own Tele-Communication Dealer Business STORE at:
RechargeMobileStore.Com i charge my Retailer Users a membership fee of ₦2,
000 as to Hit Millions of Users.
to give them access of Buying Tele-Com Products and Services From You @ a
Cheaper Rate + those that want to Resell.
The Membership Fee Becomes Your Print Out:
First Income Revenue:= ₦2,000 X First 1000 Users =
₦2 Million Naira Income Revenue.

While we charge Our: Reseller Membership Users ₦5,000 Re-seller Membership
₦5,000 x 400 Reseller Users = Another ₦2 Million Naira Income Revenue.

Then On Reseller Membership..

The Different between A Retailer & A Reseller is on Pricing Purchase List
of Data Bundles and On Bill Payment .. “Eg” Same MTN 1GB Retailers are
buying For #390 | Resellers Buy at #350 sometimes low | 2Gb Retailers Buys
#760 while Reseller Buys @ = #700 sometimes low | and 5Gb #1760 .sometimes
low .. So, like I said, the different between A Retailer and A Reseller
is that Resellers Buys @ More cheaper rate than the Retailer.. To make more

Reseller Membership Fee is #5000 One time Payment.. While Retailer is #2,
000 One time Membership Payment.

*That’s My Our own choice oooo*
Yours can decide to go Higher or Lower . ( I mean on the Membership
Registration / Activation Fee )

Let’s Proceed:

=>>>>> *Recharge Card Airtime.* While YOU the Admin | CEO | Owner of the online Store Earns up to 7% Passive Income . This your 1000 users at least even if they are hungry MUST Buy ₦100 worth of Recharge Card Airtime everyday at a discount rate of 2- 3% if only you want to make them more BIGGER Happy. and You the dealer is retaining 3-4% per VTU . So, in maths, this your 1000 Users are trading airtime worth of:
₦100 X 1000 = ₦100,000 AND YOU are making:
₦100,000 / 100 = ₦100 X 4 =₦4,000 Daily on airtime alone.
If they are buying ₦200 each , you will be making
= ₦8,000 Daily on Airtime alone.
If they are buying ₦500 Airtime each, your profit will be
₦10,000 Daily on Airtime alone.
In a month which is 30days = Your profit will be
₦120,000 | ₦240,000 | ₦300,000 |
This is Just on Airtime Recharge Card alone oooo.

*Let’s Proceed…*
=>>> *Browsing Data Bundle* [ In all Nigerian Networks
[ MTN,GLO,9MOBILE,AIRTEL&VISA PHONE] & Stand to make YOU The Admin and
Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer Via all the Networks.
Let Say out of this 1,000 Users Aside from them all Buying their personal
subscription Data Browsing Bundle from You.
Let say only half of the number.
that’s 500 of them becomes your Data Bundle Retailer .

“eg” They Buy 1 GB MTN From You @ ₦390 And Resell to the market/End Users
for ₦700 or ₦800 or at their own choice.
And even if you are Retaining ₦70-₦100 on each sale as profit.
So, in maths this your 500 Retailers.
Buys like 3-4times daily.
Let’s work with 3 time and ₦70 profit.
So in Profit Calculation: = Per Person = ₦70 X 3times daily = ₦210 x
500Users = Cool ₦105000 [ 100k+] Daily. x 7days in a week = ₦735,000 Weekly
X 30days in a Month

= ₦3150,000 [ 3M-illion , One Hundred and Fifty
Thousand Naira ]
Monthly Raw Cool Cash ..
From Just Browsing Data Bundle alone oooo.

*Let’s Proceed:*
>>>> | *Monthly Bill Payment* Subscriptions [ DSTV, GOTV, Startime ] &
Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer .
=>>>>Electricity & Prepaid Bill Payment Subscriptions +
Examination Recharge Card [ WAEC, NECO, JAMB ]
| and Stand to make YOU The Admin and the STORE owner a Huge income as a
Bill Payments Subscription
[ For space sake: Here i will combined all together: DSTV, GOtv, Startime +
Electricity + Prepaid.
Let’s Say You are Retaining ₦80, ₦100 One each sale with same 500 Retailers
among your 1,000 First Users.
Let’s work with 3 time and ₦80 profit.
So in Profit Calculation: = Per Person = ₦80 X 3times daily
= ₦240 x 500 = Cool ₦120,000 [ 120k ] Daily. x 7days in a week = ₦840,000
Weekly X 30days in a Month = ₦3600000
[ 3M-illion , Six Hundred Thousand Naira ]
Raw Cool Cash From.
Bill Payments alone oooo.

Lets Proceed:
==>>Gift Card [ Amazon giftt card, Itune gift card, Steam gift card, Google
gift card, Ebay gift card, Sephora gift card, iTunes ecode card, ..and
Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
Lets say inside this 1,000 First Users.
100 of them only.
Trade @ least one gift card of 50$ only . and You pay/him ₦7,000
Happy amount for 50$ volume. As Gift Card are trade on Volume. And You the
Dealer is making a Profit of ₦3000 Per each sale. = ₦3000 X 100 =
₦300,000 weekly x 4 Weeks of a month. =
[ ₦1200000 ] Monthly.
[ One Million, Two Hundred Thousand Naira] Monthly.
on Gift Card ooo.

=>>>+ Buy and Sale BITCOIN |
+ Transfer and Withdrawal of Money to any Bank in Nigeria | E.T.C .
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
Let;s Round Up with BITCOIN.
Bitcoin Prices and Profit.
Sorry: [ For my Reputation and Good name ]
I won’t run a Calculation here on BTC.
My reason is because BTC is like a stock market:
its Price is not fixed.
But However it goes believe me you will make Thousands and Millions
Monthly from this too.
In all Together Calculation ON the #1 STORE alone:
[ Your Users < Membership Fee Revenue =₦4.5M-illion Cash + 120K monthly on
Airtime Recharge Card + ₦3 M-illion 0ne Hundred Fifty Thousand monthly:
on Browsing Data Bundle + ₦3 M-illion Six Hundred Thousand Monthly:
on all Bill Payments + Electricity + ₦1 M-illion Two Hundred Thousands
monthly.; on Gift Card Transactions.
Generally = [ ₦9 Million + Cool Raw Cash Monthly :
Note, this excludes BITCOIN Transaction, as you know i did not include it.
In Two Months = ₦18 Million+ .
From Just One out of the Two Stores.❣️
Let’s take a look at the Second STORE Potential Earnings*
Since a Dealer is tilted to Own Two different Tele-Communication Dealer
Online Stores.

*Let’s take a look at the Second STORE Potential Earnings.*
*STORE #2.*

There is Something More Special About this Particular STORE/Website and
Its Products and Service. Sales and Potential Earnings.

a] The Users Membership Registration should be open [ 100% Total Free Registration/automated Activation ]

b] You don’t need Much Clients Here
only 10-200 Clients Here is capable to Print You Same
₦10 M-illion Monthly on each deal/contract.

c] This 2nd Store Product and Services Cost Prices, are a bit High.

d] Very sweet:

e] of the Products and Services on this one:
You are not sharing % Profit Earnings
with anyone one, not even NCC or Network provide.
not like Recharge Card Airtime & co, you are sharing % on.
So, You decide the Prices you will Sale.

Just Have the Product once in your Email and sale same product over and
over again and Keep all the generated Cool Cash on your pocket.

Due to space and time, i will use only 5 out of 10 Products and Services
for “eg’ presentation HERE.
Lets Proceed:

Product #1″ *GSM Database Phone Nos Sale’s.*

[ Categorized By: States, LGA & locations with Names & Sex genders
[ For your clients effective and Targeted SMS Marketing ]
Via Bulk SMS Marketing , WhatsApp Blasting ..etc..

due to how close human are with their phone, than Radio Ad, Television,
Newspaper and co.
..As 95% if not 99.9% of Nigerian is always with their mobile phone. Funny
but is “TRUE” some people even goes to bathroom & toilet with even their
phones and sleep at close range with their phones all night.


   Funny but is “TRUE” some people even goes to bathroom & toilet with even their phones and sleep at close range with their phones all night.

With this, All Business owners, companies, organizations, marketers,
producers, etc… knows that this Mobile SMS Marketing through Bulk SMS
Services or WhatsApp Blasting is the Fastest, Cheapest and Best Result
Grantee way to attract all customers and clients needed in their business
and convert at least 90% audience than any other channel. @ Least even if
you don’t patronize them, YOU must open and read the Text message that has
HIT your phone, and then consider if you will Buy or Not.

Now, use it to
compare the list of audience reading News-paper, Listen to Radio or Watch
Lets Say YOU Follow my own Selling price On My Own Second STORE at:
and fixed your own selling price @ 30k per State GSM Database Phone Nos.
and go look for some Advert fee. GO TO: NairaLand.Com Placed a paid advert
on their Business Categorized section, for may be one week advert or one month.
Lets say 70 people comes in for the offer.

For I [ Sir.Rejoice, trust Nairaland.Com] traffic on this : and out of this
70 people:
Note: After placing Reservation, still on that, not all of them will buy
immediately. “That’s how marketing works” don’t worry i will teach you
So, lets say 20 peoples out of 70 Convert into customers and buys
immediately. @ your 30k discounted offer = ₦30,000 x 20 sales = ₦600,000
– ₦20,000 you used for advert = ₦580,000 Income Revenue.
all in your pocket.

Note: that the rest of 50 prospects that placed Reservation might still
come back
before that months round up to Buy.
From there you can remove 200k to blow Aggressive Adverts/Marketing
across all channels. and this time around God might bring
over 100 sales to you.

*Product #2  Bulk SMS Services 

   =>> We are know that our normal network providers charge us:

#4 to deliver a page of SMS .

WAIT a second: have you calculated how much your bank charges you every single month for [ SMS Alert Charges ] even when they did not send you any greeting messages.  after all, all transactions we did with them are billed for transaction fee.

Anyway.. Cool Business for smart individual…

As a Tele-Com dealer lets sale you buy Bulk SMS Unit for #2 & Reseller to your Users at #2.50 to enable them to resale @ #3.80kobo since the greedy Nigeria network provider are charging end us #4. 

And Lets say you have as small as little as 200 Business owners, Churches, Schools, Organizations, Individual < Hosting Birthday, party, weeding  etc ] | + Political Top clients sectors.

And let say that @ least each of the user buys as little as 2,000 Bulk SMS Units monthly & You make #1,000 profit x 200 = #200,000 Monthly Passive Income. 

==> *Product #3 Bulk SMS Sender ID Registration .

WAIT a second: What is Bulk SMS Sender ID. it simple means a customized name that displayed when people receive your SMS Broadcast/Message/Marketing.

“eg” is the Bank Alert you do receive from your Bank… with their name [ UBA, GTB, etc ] as their sender id…  OR if you are one of my Student, User, Agent, Client or Subscriber … you could have one time or the other receive any of my SMS on your phone with the name [ SirRejoice, or RAEI ]. 

How do Smart Individuals makes money here: As a Tele-com dealer you make another cool passive income cash Registering  your Users/Clients Bulk SMS Sender Id… < this is to ensure their message delivers to both < DND< Do Not Disturb NUMBERS & Non do not disturb numbers ] 

=> You charge your Users/Clients #8,000 to Register their Sender id. while NCC Auto pay you #6,000 Per name Registration. 

 Here, lets say out of the 200 Users Registered SMS Account with you… at least [ 50%] of them, thats 100 of them will Registered at least 1 sender ID < YES Must… because it will go far to make their Church, Business, Company, School, Organization ETC… to become more professional  WOW… that’s another #6,000 X 100 = Cool another #600,000 Passive Income Cash.

==> Product #4  E-mail Address Databases Sales .

[ For your Clients effective E-mail Marketing ].
and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
You can follow me set your own Selling price @ ₦20,000 am selling it at:
Use same process go run paid Adverts or SEO
[ Search Engine Optimization ]
Ranking your website on Google etc
for Email Address Databases .
and generate 200 Reservation a month and convert
50 sales. As the product is more HOT Selling.
… All Business owners have come to believe on
[ eMail Marketing and Money is in the LIST ]
= ₦20,000 x 50 Sales
= ₦1 Million Income Revenue Monthly.
Doubt me? : Simply hurry now go to [ Google.Com ]
Type/search on [ First Class Email Address database in Nigerian ]
I [ Sir.Rejoice ] 100% Guarantee you., that you will see my
Advert on Sale’s of this product ranking ON First page of google.
Try the search, am not here to preach.
All am voicing out here is what i drink a living from.

==> Product #5  Sales of  Website Development Consultant Business as one of our Partner  . VIA: Sir.Rejoice Website Hosting & Development Company of: www.NigeriaWebSolution.Net

In case you don’t know it yet, many Nigerian companies are going online and they have budgeted billions of naira to put their business online. The Trouble For Them Is… They find it extremely hard to locate people who can help them move their businesses to the internet! They are desperately searching for such people and they are willing to throw huge sums of money at them. All you need to do is position yourself right in front of them, tell them what you can do to help them and they will bend over and write you that cheque.

Over these years of consulting practice, I have discovered one thingIT and Web Consulting is needed and practiced in EVERY industry globally. And from the day I made this discovery, all I do is put my bucket down in front of the money flow to take my own share of the cash.  And as a smart person, you should do the same too… You see, Web Consulting Business is the business of helping individual or independent entrepreneurs, small businesses and large companies by providing elite web and internet services such as design, development, advertisement and support services for corporate and e-commerce Web sites. As a Web Consultant you specialize in helping businesses to develop their internet marketing strategy from business plan development to campaign deployment. As a web consultant you are equipped with expertise in online marketing, and sometimes most individual entrepreneurs and small business owners would hire you to do everything – from website design to making online sales. As a web consultant you can provide a wide variety of services to businesses, from designing a web page to maintaining the activity that is generated by the site. And you stand to be paid “A Service Maintenance Fee” every month by those companies, businesses etc… As a web consultant you can also direct paid web advertising programs by selling the space and tracking its effectiveness. Generally when a company hires you, you’ll be available for ongoing service such as updating, correcting errors and changing contact information on their websites when appropriate.

Sweet thing about our: Website Development Digital Niche* …

🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ *WithUs Earning Passive Income has no End:*

👉 *Your Client Order For Online presence Website.*
… If is Normal Business Website, your client Pays #60,000
…. *And You Earn a Partnership Passive Income of #20,000*

🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️Then Do You know that every year that comes by, the Client Pays his/her Annual Renewal Fee ( *for his/her Domain name & Hosting* )

🤷‍♀️And *Damm* it, *We PAY YOU Every Year as long as the website Exist.*

And with Experience , no Client we spend his/her hard earned money to Setup a Website , Advertise It, People now knows about his/her website , products & services, ….

And The Client will let the Server to be deleted because of maybe #14,000 *Yearly Renewal Fee ..*

This means every Year, we pay YOU House rent fee, even when you don’t own a Property with Us.


=>> Sales of:  GSM ShortCode Setup Services Provider and Stand to make YOU The Admin and Store owner a Huge income as a Dealer.
+>>> Voice Calls | CallerTune Setup Services.. ”

There are Two kind of CallerTune Setup here …

1) the ( CRBT ) CODE activation
Here we Setup a Code…

Like text 4100 to 653646
To subscriber to :====

Here the people are meant to text to this code and will be billed to subscribe to your Jingle Calleetune
The Enforcement Direct NCC ( *Nigeria Communication Commission* )
Phone No’s Activation…

*Here After Setting Up the Jinge as caller tune*
We will Automatically Enforce / Activate the Caller tune into
the volumn phone No’.. One by one.. Through the NCC C-panel.

This one is more Effective but a bit cost because is Done per phone no charge…

But the advantage is that..
@ that period that Callertune is Activated to that number….

The person, can never use another Callertune or be able to Un-subscribe .
Because it Automatically Activated by NCC.

For the First one I mentioned which is done as ( CRBT ) Code Activation .

Here is the Sample ..from one of our Resent client

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