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Transfer/Deposit Into: Any of our Registered Company Bank Account to ensure 100% safety of your money

Bank Name=  UBA  BANK

Account Name =   SA Planner Tech

Account No= 1019784167


Bank Name : GT BANK


ACCOUNT NUMBER:     0161036879

Note 1: Pls ! We ask that you kindly hold on shortly after submitting your form, as one of our staff will be calling you in less than 20mins for confirmation, after receiving your form order, before you can proceed to Buy or Sell to Us.

Note 2:  After payment, sent the following Details to us:

[Your Depositor Name + The Bank You Paid Into + The Amount You Paid + The Service You Paid For & The Date Of Your Payment]

Note 3:  After confirming your order | You can then proceed to place your payment order into any of our Company Account, [ if you are buying from us ]

You will instantly get the service you requested after we receive your payment Notification from the Bank + Your Additional N2, 000 FREE Money you earn from us, for trusting & doing business with Us.

Remain Bless.